img1 Once in a while,
right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

It's a big day! Your wedding day!

PickArt specializes in contemporary wedding photography and videography, offering a wide range of styles.

From reportage to traditional and classic, we allow you to tailor the style of your portfolio to your preferred approach.

We will consult with you to ensure your expectations will be met. Then, at the wedding, we make a point of blending

into the background, so your memories can be documented without disturbing the proceedings of the day.

You will be forever proud to share and remember your special day

with the spectacular collection of artistic images PickArt will create of your wedding.

You are expecting big things on your wedding day.

You can expect the same from PickArt Wedding Photography and Video.

Shooting engagement portraits are perhaps

some of the most enjoyable for photographers.

Most often, they are taken before the whirlwind

of wedding planning is fully underway, and

the couple is still quite enamored with one another.

The only photographic way to reveal things as they truly happen

is to take candid shots.

Candids are images that hold a small story inside of them.

Depending on purpose of the image, it can reveal human character,

emotions, interaction between people, or social status.

Each candid photo has it's meaning and it is based

on a photographer's vision.

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